Galerie EAST is a new impressive space in the heart of the European capital. It derives its double programme from its Gesamtkunstwerk approach, bridging Contemporary and Applied Arts. The ambition of the gallery is to present exclusively, patiently chosen rare works of art.

Promoting young artists and presenting historical works of international significance, galerie EAST is a stage where the precision of a touch, of a composition or of a radical concept meet the accuracy of an inlay, the stress of an extended metal arch or the delicate encounter of a double weave.

In the current art world where compartmentalizing is the rule, galerie EAST maps transversal paths to offer connoisseurs the apt object.

Galerie EAST opened in Strasbourg in december 2021.



galerie EAST

12 rue du Faubourg-de-Pierre
67000 Strasbourg

Opening hours

Jeudi - Vendredi - Samedi

De 14h à 18h et sur rendez-vous


Thursday - Friday - Saturday

2 pm / 6 pm and on appointment